Moniron - Automatic Currency Detector



Protection against counterfeit notes, high speed checking, reliability and ergonomic design. Uncompromising detection, easy loading of notes, easy to use.

Certified by the ECB

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139,00 €

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First automatic detector specially designed for point of sale applications.

Insert the notes on any side, do not need to stick the note to the edge Easy-to-use audio and video system provides immediate access to verification results


Automatic detection to the nearest second

Effective protection against high-quality counterfeit notes

The cashier does not need either special skills or knowledge of monetary security

Simple operation, does not require training

The special receptacle design allows the detector to be positioned near a wall


Supermarkets, shops, hypermarkets 
Cases of clothing and footwear shops, gift shops, pharmacies, service stations and other retail locations 
Caisses in the hotel and restaurant sector

Technicals specifications

Type of equipment :  Single-currency automatic detector

Type of currency :  EUR (basic configuration)

Inserting tickets : Ticket insertion by any side, free ticket orientation

(do not need to paste the ticket to the edge)

Full detection :

Infrared Detection • Ultraviolet • Magnetics • Ink Spectral Analysis • Optical Density Detection • Dimensional Detection

Operating modes : LED color-coded ticket authenticity indication:

Green light - ticket is genuine, red light - ticket is questionable • Audio signal

Verification speed : 60-80 banknotes / minute

USB PC Connection

Power supply ~ 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz (AC adapter or charger can be used)

Dimensions : 168×136×67 mm

Weight : 0,49 kg