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  • Stapling Machine

    Quickly and effortlessly staple multiple sheets at once. The staplers Machine MAI will seduce you with their many assets.

  • Automatic form cutter

    Muller has been seen in mailrooms since we introduced the brand 2 decades ago. Millions of checks in continuous web are cut using this system. Security printers and banks handling client's payables cut checks monthly using this reliable equipment.

  • Card cutters

    THE M.A.I. business and digital card cutters produce accurately trimmed sizes by cutting, creasing or perforating

  • Guillotines


  • Needles Machines

    Needles Machines

  • Drilling Machines

    The M.A.I. drilling Machines are designed for heavy-duty business use and durability.

  • Laminators

    The professional laminator MAI are machines for intensive plasticizing. They will suit printers, graphic designers, reprographers.

  • Folders - Staplers

    You can create professionally-made booklet publications in the comfort of your own shop/office

  • Raineuses

    Automatic and programmable creasers MAI intended for large volumes have an automatic suction feeder which allows a large production.

  • Binders

    The M.A.I. binders produce outstanding, professional document at a surprisingly low cost

  • Rupteurs Trieurs

    les rupteurs - trieurs M.A.I. regroupent en une seule machine les opérations de déliassage, ruptage et triage.