Money Processing Department : Banknote Strappers, Banknote Counters, Coin Counters, Cheque Writers, Endorsers, Counterfeit Banknote Detectors, Lunch Ticket Scanners, Holograms

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  • Banknote strappers

    Our Strapping machines are used to apply flat plastic or steel strapping to a wide variety of packed products.
    M.A.I. supplies packaging equipment from a range of world class manufacturers 

  • Coin counters-sorters

    The MAI 1800 Heavy Duty Coin Sorter can count and sort coins and detect false coins too.

  • Banknote counters

    The currency counters from MAI are equipped with the very last technology in counterfeit detection

  • Banknote scanners

    Banknote scanners

  • Couponeurs

    Les COUPONEURs sont des machines destinées à découper / invalider les différents titres émis.

  • Hologram foiling

    Flexible desktop Security hologram foiling machine for centralized and point of issue document protection applications applying all hot stamping and embossing features

  • Counterfeit detection

    Protection against counterfeit notes, high speed checking, reliability and ergonomic design. Uncompromising detection, easy loading of notes, easy to use

  • Endorsers

    The endorsers or cheque signing machines are the perfect solution for signing and endorsing cut sheet cheques and other documents

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item