PERNUMA PERFOSTAR ED - Electric Perforating Machine



Intended for heavy use, the PERFOSTAR ED electric date punch marks a date, 6 digits and 2 separation points.

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Electric Perforating Machine with Adjustable Wheels

For permanent and indelible marking, dating or labelling of multiple documents or labels in one single operation or for numbering sets of forms, receipt blocks, passports etc. The machines from this series are highly recommended, if you want the perforation to consist of a frequently changing combination of numbers and/or letters or if there is a need for markings of variable length or design. They are individually manufactured according to your request. At a character height of 7 or 8.5 mm, up to 16 characters in line can be adjusted quickly and comfortably via the wheels' unit. At a character height of 5.5 or 6.5 mm even up to 20 characters, whereas at 10 mm height still 14 characters are possible. The wheels can include numbers, letters, or symbols, and in most cases also an additional blank space which excludes unused digits from perforation, inserting a space instead. You can perforate up to 3 lines in a column in one single operation: A fixed text can be installed above or below, as well as in front of or behind the wheels. Additionally, a date or a changeable text can be fixed above as well as below the wheels' unit. Both lines can be altered quickly via easily exchangeable slides. In their standard configuration, these machines are manufactured with up to 6 number wheels and a character height of 5.5, 6.5, 7, 8.5 or 10 mm. By standard, they are delivered with one each adjustable side and rear gauge. The desired imprint can be placed up to 105 mm from the upper or lower edge of the sheet measured from the edge of the form to the center of the perforation.

When placing your order, please provide information to whether the desired imprint is to appear in the upper or lower part of the forms. For example, if the lower edge of the sheet is being perforated, both die unit and wheels are manufactured upside down and in mirror face, in order for the perforation to appear legible.

Technical specifications

  • Perforateur électrique, destinée à un usage intensif pour marquage de liasses de documents papier
  • Procédé de marquage par perforation à aiguilles acier
  • Affichage de la date par curseurs
  • Capacité de perforation : 25 feuilles maxi
  • Vitesse : 35 cycles / minute
  • Marge réglable de perforation : de 10 mm à 115 mm
  • Hauteur des caractères ou chiffres : 7 / 8,5 / 10 mm
  • 2 butées réglables pour plus de précision
  • Déclenchement par plaquette sensible et autres matériaux tel que carton, film en petites épaisseurs
  • En standard : marquage haut de page, caractères de 10 mm de hauteur
  • Dimensions : 250 x 330 x 255 mm
  • Alimentation : 230 V/50 Hz
  • Conforme aux normes CE.
  • Poids : env. 35 kg

Options :

  • Déclenchement par cellule
  • Déclenchement par pédale
  • Ligne supplémentaire de texte

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