STYLOWRITER - Autopen - Signing Machine



The Stylowriter is a machine to sign documents sheet by sheet with a pen using an automated feeding of documents.

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It will sign for you and like you all types of documents with your pen.
No difference can be made between your signature (or initials) and the one written by the Stylowriter.
It can also write a short text with your writing.

The Stylowriter signs all types of documents (checks, contracts, letters, circulars, reports, certificates, diplomas, photos, greeting cards, etc ...) and uses all types of pens (fountain pens , ballpoint pens, markers etc. ...). The pressure of the pen on the paper is adjustable. The speed is adjustable too.

It depends mainly on the complexity of the text or signature to be copied.
The safety of operation is adjustable. Access (restriction) for use by a programmable personal code may be decided by the signatory.
The coding of the signature is performed on a memory chip. This card can be kept by the signatory or stored in a safe place. No replacement card is issued without written consent of the original signatory on letterhead of the company or government (including the identification number of the device and the personal code stored in the order). Without this card, the Stylowriter is not working and no data (text or signature) is kept in the memory of the device.

The Stylowriter provides full control of the number of signatures issued throught a counter-sealed nonresettable totalizer. The signature arm (pantograph & micro motor) is also removable so that it can be safely stored. Very easy to use, instalation and user training in less than 1 hour.


Technical specifications

  • Signature or data stored in smart card 
  • Protection by password for restricted use of the machine 
  • Initiation of the signature through a pedal or automatic signature on each document placed in the writing area. 
  • Control panel with backlight - Counter with reset 
  • Counter sealed 
  • Variable speed of signing or writing text 
  • Simple control panel (just 5 keys) - Uses any types of pens (felt pen, fountain pen, ballpoint pen, color pen, etc.). 
  • Adjustable pressure of the pen on the sheet 
  • Large area of signature (or writing) 
  • Can write also sentences of text in addition to the signature. 
  • Manual feed of papers to write on - Size: 460 mm x 460 mm x 160 mm 
  • Weight: 7.25 kg 
  • Power supply: 220 V / 50 Hz

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