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TP 102 - Strapping machine

TP 102


The TP 102 is the most general purpose type, featuring a high strapping speed and a low failure rate. The amount of strap storage can be freely adjusted based on the dimensions of the bow frame and the dimensions can also be selected freely according to the customer's needs.

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Oiling is completely unnecessary, which simplifies maintenance Style of bundling: Single and multiple-band parallel binding, both manual and automatic continuous bundling, special switch, foot switch

The motor stops automatically if the operator does not engage any strapping cycles after 60 seconds.
The machine restarts automatically with the press of a button.
The tension of the strapping is adjustable (up to 80 kg) according to the nature of the object or the package to be strapped.
The welding time is adjustable, allowing to adjust to the weight of the package (light or heavy)


Technical specifications

  • Strap PP strap 
  • Strap width : 9,10,12,16,19 mm to be specified 
  • Machine weight : 220kgs 
  • Machine size : 1410x600x1540(LxDxH) mm Arch width(mm) 850x600(WxH) mm Strap speed 2.3 cycles / min. 
  • Tension : 5-80 kgs 
  • Table Height : 820 mm 
  • Power supply : 110v/220v,50/60hz,850 W

Data sheet

Poids 213 kg
Motorisation 2 moteurs - 1/2HP,1/3HP
Tension maximum 80 kg
Liens (au choix) 9, 12, 15mm
Taille du paquet minimum Haut: 30 x Larg : 100 mm
Vitesse de cerclage 30 cycles/minute
Diamètre du mandrin de bobine 20 mm
Alimentation 220V/50Hz
Consommation 850 W
Garantie 1 an

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