iSniper - Banknote counter



The iSniper is a currency and multi-currency banknote counting produced and developed by Seetech / Hitachi. 

Intended for intensive counting, it is perfectly suited for banks and large retailers.

The iSniper is unavoidable in Africa because is particulary adapted  to the counting  of the CFA franc.

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The iSniper currency counter is capable of detecting counterfeit notes with very high sensitivity. It processes several currencies

(maximum 4). The counting machine has numerous counting options, namely speed selection, batch creation, activation of

detections on the ticket. The iSniper displays the detail of the count with the value of the bundle, the number of tickets, but also

the number of tickets by denomination. The counter is able to value: EUR - USD - GBP - CHF. (Please contact us for any other

currency) To finish its detection systems are optimized for counting banknotes CFA.

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