MAI TURBO - Currency counter and validator



The currency counter MAI TURBO is a machine equipped with the very last technology in counterfeit detection.

An innovating design, a reliable mechanics and up to date electronic characteristics facilitate the work of the operator and require minimum maintenance procedures.

High reliability and security in the control of cash counting.

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495,00 €

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High speed and efficient processing

The high speed currency counter MAI VEGAS has a fast and trustworthy note feeding system which assures an efficient processing. Counting speed of 800 up to 1500 notes per minute. The MAI VEGAS can work with any quality of notes. It is a compact, robust and very easy to use machine, with a clear control panel.

High versatility

The machine automatically keeps in memory the last adjustments keyed in. The keyboard allows to introduce the batch counting.

High reliability of operation

Every materials and components have been extensively tested and strictly verified. The maintenance is minimum thanks to its mechanical system that does not need lubrication. It has too an exclusive system of auto cleaning for the detectors.

Advanced size detection

Notes of different lengths are detected.

Detection of counterfeits of high reliability

• UV detection: control of the quality and type of paper with a sophisticated system of detection.

• Magnetic thread detection: the counterfeited notes are detected by examining the presence of the security thread, providing a high level of counterfeit detection.

• Infrared detection: detection of the presence of infrared ink.

Value identification of €

The machine can read the value of notes by reading the security thread, which enables the machine to totalize the account even with mixed banknotes. The machine can work too with dollars or other currencies.

Centralized Control Panel

A clear and simplified control panel, facilitates the work of the user.

Communication interface

The machine has a standard port RS232 to connect with a central PC.

Counting speed                              1500 banknotes per min

Currencies                                     EUR / USD / GBP / XOF

Fake Detection methods                  UV / IR / MT / MG / 3D

Batching                                        1-999

Loading capacity                            300 banknotes

Reception tray                                250 banknotes

LCD touch screen

Power supply                                  230V 50Hz

Power consumption                         45 W

Banknotes size                                Width: 100 - 193 mm    
                                                      Height: 50 - 100 mm

Dimensions                                     235 x 290 x 195 mm

Net weight                                      6.7 Kg

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Poids 5.8KG
Garantie 1 an

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